New XenData Media Archive Appliances Scale From 300 TB to Multiple Petabytes

X20 appliance managing a 48-slot library delivering 540 TB of near-line capacity

XenData X20 and X40 Appliances Manage Cost-Effective Near-Line LTO Storage

​​​​​XenData, the global provider of data storage solutions, launches two new appliances that manage a robotic LTO library and provide from 300 TB to multiple petabytes of network storage. They manage LTO libraries from a wide range of manufacturers including Dell, HPE, IBM, Overland Storage, Qualstar, Quantum and Spectra Logic.

The appliances allow file-based applications to seamlessly archive to LTO cartridges. They are ideal for archiving video content and provide support for partial file restore, automatic LTO cartridge replication, plus many features optimized for media applications.

The X20 Appliance is a 1 RU rack-mounted unit that supports LTO libraries with up to 50 slots and two internal LTO drives. When using 12 TB LTO-8 cartridges in a 50-slot library, the system has a near-line capacity of 600 TB. In addition, the system manages an unlimited number of externalized cartridges. The X20 runs a Windows 10 Pro operating system and includes a 14 to 28 TB disk cache that allows frequently accessed files to be retained online.

The X40 Appliance is a 2 RU rack-mounted unit that supports LTO libraries of unlimited capacity with up to four internal LTO drives. It runs a Windows Server 2019 operating system and connects to the local network via 1 GbE, 25/10 GbE or 100 GbE. The X40 includes a 50 TB RAID cache for frequently accessed files.

Both appliances allow files to be written and read over the network via SMB or FTP, just like any disk-based share. They adhere to Microsoft security based on Active Directory and, consequently, may be easily added to an existing Windows domain or workgroup.

The X20 and X40 support automatic LTO cartridge replication, even when managing an LTO library with only one LTO drive. They write to rewritable LTO cartridges using the LTFS interchange format and to unalterable WORM cartridges using the open-standard TAR format. Both appliances have a built-in ‘repack’ function that allows files to be seamlessly migrated from one generation of LTO to another.

Integration modules are available for many popular applications used in the media industry including for Avid Interplay, axle MAM, CatDV, Marquis Parking, Metus MAM, Viz One from Vizrt and the VSN MAM.

Both models may be cloud-enabled which allows archived content to be replicated to cloud object storage. This allows mirroring of content to the cloud for disaster recovery and file-sharing purposes.

Dr. Phil Storey, XenData CEO, commented, “These new appliances combine rich functionality optimized for creative media applications and excellent value for money. For example, a complete system that provides 540 TB of near-line storage costs less than $27,000. This includes the X20 appliance, a 48 slot LTO library and the LTO-8 cartridges.”

The X20 and X40 Archive Appliances are immediately available. The X20 Appliance starts at $9,800 and the X40 starts at $18,200.

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XenData is a global provider of professional data storage solutions optimized for video and other applications with high volumes of large files. It offers highly scalable on-premises active archive systems and hybrid cloud solutions. XenData archive systems provide secure long-term retention of digital assets on local disk, LTO, optical disc cartridges and/or the cloud.

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